Hi all- I wanted to provide everyone with a brief update. Melissa is making slow progress weekly. Just a couple weeks ago, it was a line or two on the page when practicing handwriting. Now, she is able to form more clear words and work on perfecting her writing through increased fine motor coordination. She is making small strides in oral motor, vocalization, expressing herself nonverbally, gaining strength, head and neck support and control. Melissa has some hard days and moments but overall maintains a great spirit. She really looks forward to her time off with family and friends, we laugh & cry a lot. Through some training and effort, she has demonstrated the ability to answer her ipad for FaceTime! The family is working diligently to further her progress and discussing plans for the coming months as well as the long term. So much is unknown, we have never taken these steps and have many guides to help, yet really no one but ourselves at the end of the day. We are excited for some changes in the coming months for Melissa and she is eagerly anticipating as well. You are all the BEST and thanks for lightening the load. Much love.   -Jessica